Wendy Kroger

Collaborative & Caring

The Mission of THPRD is to provide high-quality parks and recreation facilities, programs, services, and natural areas that meet the needs of the diverse communities it serves.

The 5-Member Board of Directors is elected to oversee the budgetary and policy direction of THPRD. It approves scope and direction of services aimed at all patrons, ensuring that their needs are met, as far as possible, with available resources.

The three Pillars of the National Recreation & Parks Association (NRPA) are Conservation, Health/Wellness, and Social Equity.

Alongside these pillars, Wendy will lead in a way that is Collaborative & Caring.



more people to parks, trails, and nature.

Wendy Kroger envisions a beautiful future for our community, in which public spaces help to bring our entire community together. She wants to ensure that there are accessible and enjoyable public spaces spread throughout the district, so that all members of THPRD may reap the rewards. Wendy also wants to ensure that we can create and maintain a solid, core system of regional trails and trail connections (such as mid-block crossings) to keep everyone connected and safe.

Supporting ‘Access for All’

regardless of ability or income.

Wendy Kroger takes THPRD’s ‘Access for All’ initiative to heart, believing that no community member should go without services, regardless of ability or income. She supports access to quality sports programs, such as futsal and pickleball, as well as the “Splash” program, which helps community members between 6 and 17 years old learn to swim. Wendy is proud to support ‘Access for All’, and will continue to fight for its success as a member of the Board of Directors.Omega Watches Rolex Replica Fake Rolex


to people of all cultures and backgrounds.

Promoting a welcoming environment for people of all cultures and backgrounds is very important to Wendy. She cherishes the cultural events and programs that help to enrich our community, and the signage that helps us to recognize and respect cultural history throughout our community. Wendy Kroger wants to foster an environment where all citizens can come together to contribute to conservation, social equity, and community health and wellness programs.


the district’s community partnerships.

As a board member, Wendy would aim to expand THPRD’s community partnerships, such as the partnership with Beaverton School District. This would allow THPRD to fund coordinated, streamlined, and affordable high-quality parks, trails, and facilities for all community members to enjoy. Help our community to grow responsibly by voting for Wendy Kroger for the Board of Directors.



the spending of taxpayer funds in safe and efficient ways

As a member of the Board of Directors, it would be Wendy’s responsibility to set policies that support and carry out THPRD’s mission. Wendy aspires to operate and maintain THPRD’s parks and facilities in a safe, efficient, and cost effective manner. As a member of the THPRD community herself, Wendy Kroger knows how important it is that your money is used wisely. That is why she is looking to incorporate principles of financial sustainability in the design, operation, improvement, maintenance, and funding of all THPRD programs and facilities.


our natural areas and open spaces

Wendy Kroger understands the value of our community’s green spaces, and is committed to caring for them in any way she can. She supports the acquisition, conservation, and enhancement of our natural areas and open spaces. Wendy also supports dedicating resources to protect, restore, and expand these spaces so that they can continue to enrich our community for many years to come. Wendy Kroger wants to improve and expand our access to these natural areas, so that we can more easily use them for education, personal use, and casual enjoyment.


for healthy, active older adults

Wendy Kroger understands the importance of keeping all members of our community healthy and active, and particularly our older adults. Active recreation is critical to individual and community health and wellness, which is precisely why Wendy wants to advocate for the inclusion of adults in THPRD’s activities. Wendy is committed to improving access and support for rehabilitation of our wounded service members. She also advocates for the inclusion of individuals experiencing disability in all THPRD activities and programs.


after school programs for all children who need them.

As a mother herself, Wendy Kroger understand the importance of making sure your kids are safe and secure after school. She aspires to have no latch-key kids in our community. To do this, Wendy will increase our after school programs, parks and recreation services, and enrichment programs in currently under-served areas within THPRD. Additionally, Wendy aspires to grow programs such as NEWT ( Nature Experiences and Workforce Training) to help our students learn to love and work within our natural spaces.


We need Wendy on the THPRD Board. Her boundless energy and creative ideas help make THPRD the best park
system around.

Denny Doyle
Beaverton Mayor

For decades, Wendy has used her passion, knowledge, experience and integrity as a volunteer to bring people together for the community good. She’s been a strong voice on the THPRD Board and a champion for patrons of all colors and abilities. A vote for Wendy is a vote for all of us.

Bob Wayt
Retired THPRD communications director

As a life-long environmentalist, I know we need Wendy on THPRD’s Board of Directors because she supports the acquisition, conservation and enhancement of natural areas and open spaces, in addition to dedicating resources to protect and restore them.

Barbara Wilson
Naturalist and Wildlife Advocate

Wendy understands how critical sports recreation is to the health and wellness of our community. Our playing fields foster healthy minds and bodies, practicing the rules of fair play at every level, and invite access for all.

Bill Kanable
Soccer coach and former THPRD Board member

Wendy Kroger is a dynamic advocate for parks and trails in Washington County. She embodies the spirit of Elsie Stuhr's desire to preserve the natural environment for recreational use and enjoyment. Wendy and I worked together on the THPRD Trails Committee for ten years and she was a driving force in uniting METRO, County agencies and Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District to build trails throughout the area.

Barbara Sonniksen

Acres of Land






Miles of Trails







Wendy's History and Prior Achievements

Wendy Kroger has an enormous passion for parks, the outdoors, and improving her community in any way she can. 

Wendy graduated from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) with a B.A. in History. She then went on to earn her M.A. in Guidance and Counseling from the same university only a year later. She’s served in city, county, state, and federal jobs as a police dispatcher, counselor, jobs coordinator, personnel director, and investigator.

Wendy Kroger has volunteered in parks, trails, housing, watershed enhancement, and served as an Environmental Commissioner and Planning Commissioner for her city. While spending years acting in leadership roles for a wide array of projects, foundations, committees, and councils, Wendy always strove to fight for positive change. Her hard work and dedication has earned her many awards, such as the THPRD Service Award, the Salem City Council Key to the City, and the creation of “Wendy Kroger Park.”

In 2011 Wendy’s younger brother suffered a massive stroke at the age of 57. She served as his caregiver for three years, and continues to participate in his life today. She wrote a book about her experience, titled My Brother’s Keeper: A Caregiver’s Story, and has spoken on the topic.

Wendy currently serves as a board member for both THPRD and Sequoia Mental Health Services, Washington County. She also is a member of both the Greenway Park Task Force and the Amphibian Survey Team. Wendy is a proud Master Gardener and loves playing bridge.

Having served as a community volunteer for 24 years, Wendy is no stranger to the challenges that come with a position like this one. Wendy Kroger is dedicated to becoming A Voice for All on the THPRD Board. Vote for Wendy Kroger for THPRD Board for a happier, healthier, more inclusive community.

Community Support

Wendy's Endorsements From The Community

City of Beaverton Councilors

Denny Doyle
Laura Mitchell
Cate Arnold
Marc San Soucie
Mark Fagin

County Commission

Kathryn Harrington, Chair
Dick Schouten

County Auditor

John Hutzler

Beaverton School District

Tom Colett
Susan Greenberg
Becky Tymchuk
Donna Tyner

Hillsboro School Board

Martin Granum

State Legislators

Mark Hass
Chuck Riley
Sheri Schouten
Jeff Barker
Margaret Doherty


Ali Kavianian, Board President
John Griffiths
Todd Duwe


Craig Dirksen

Group Endorsements


Community Members

Greg Malinowski
Karen Bolin (CPO 3 Chair, Past Pres Aloha Bus Assn)
John Kalkoven
Ann Doyle
Vicki Comer
Eric Squires
Bill Kanable (former THPRD Board)
Birgit Miranda (BCCI)
Bob Wayt
Brad Avakian
Barbara Sonniksen
Virginia Bruce
Susan Bender Phelps

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